Our Why

You are searching the web for the best place for your child. The most important little people in your lives. It's a big decision. We get it and have been there. 

Meet Blake, our oldest son! (Kallen, our second son, joined us this summer.) Our lives were forever changed for the better when they entered them. We fell madly in love, as all parents do, and want the best for them in every way. 

We began our search and had something specific in mind for the level and quality of care that we required, being two working professionals. It turned out lots of other people wanted the same thing we did, for their kids. We came upon wait list after wait list. We had conversation, after conversation, with friends, who were also new parents, about what their plans were for childcare. It became quite apparent to us that it is very hard to find the right fit, somewhere licensed/safe, and where there were spots available. When we searched we saw many things we liked and also lots of things we didn't like. We wanted a place that would provide a ton of learning and development value, healthy food, staff that really love kids, a family style environment where all the kids were really known, and all at a more reasonable rate that we saw as we searched. We saw an opportunity to provide this excellent level of care for, not only our son, but your kids too. 

Truth be told our motivation runs deeper than just noticing the obvious gaps in childcare options here in Calgary. We have always loved kids and it has always been a dream of ours to open our own Daycare once we started our family. 

Janelle has held a very successful long career in senior leadership positions with a passion for people. She has managed many large bank locations and teams. Don has been a very successful Entrepreneur for over 25 years in a variety of capacities. We understand what it takes to work hard, exceed customer's expectations, and couldn't be more excited to channel all that energy into kids at Right Start. Several long term goals have come together to make it possible for this dream to come to fruition, including Don winding up his business this year. With starting our family in 2017, timing could not be more perfect to embark on this long awaited and exciting next chapter.

We are hands-on owners who are involved in every aspect of the Daycare. We have searched high and low to hire child care individuals who's deep and broad experience is only matched by their education and passion for development and care of children. At Right Start we have the best team of professionals, in the industry, looking after the children we have been trusted with. We trust them so much they are caring for our sons, as they are in the program, and they would be honored to also care for your kids. We have a passion for delivering exactly what you are looking for, and we know what that is, because we looked for it too. Our sons attends Right Start and so will our future children, as we continue to expand our family. Through the program we offer, Blake and his siblings, will have a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

We'd love to provide the Right Start, Strong Foundation experience to your family too.  

~Janelle and Don Wimperis